One of the premier producers in Franciacorta, CAVALLERI'S HISTORY in the region stretches back to 1450 and their winemaking heritage to the early 20th century. While initially selling wine unbottled or in demijohns to locals and restaurants in the area, Cavalleri began to bottle the best of its production in 1967 with the implementation of the FRANCIACORTA D.O.C. REGULATIONS.

Their first wave of investment and development quickly transformed CAVALLERI into one of the leading wineries in the region, both in terms of planting techniques and cellar technology.

While expanding over the years, CAVALLERI has deliberately kept its production to artisanal levels of approximately 250,000 bottles annually, and has remained unwavering in their commitment to quality. A hallmark of their production is the use of only environmentally friendly pest control and their resolute refusal to acquire grapes or wine from third parties.

Their efforts have been recognized with various awards year after year to include numerous Tre Bicchieri and the award for the Slow Food.


- Cavalleri Slow Food 2012
- 3 Bicchieri