Franciacorta Imports was formed in New York City by the desire to share a quality lifestyle graced with the world’s best niche wines.

Upon arriving in the USA, Ms. Federica Bietta was astonished that she could not find her favorite sparkling wines to drink: Franciacorta. With a background in banking and two MBAs, Ms. Bietta felt brave enough to accept the challenge of importing her favorite ‘bubbles?to share with friends at the best restaurants in NYC!

Ms. Bietta began the company with a business partner, Amb. Kevin Conrad, importing only three producers to start: Cavalleri, Majolini, and Lantieri

After a careful search, these winemakers were selected given their commitment to excellence, harmony with nature, and longstanding quality of and passion for life.  Each producer understands the delicate balance between respecting centuries old tradition and integrating the best technologies of our times while creating  the finest quality wines.

The Franciacorta Imports Team is passionate about nature and the environment.  For this reason, our portfolio preferences wineries that strive to be sustainably organic and strictly limit pesticides.

We are now happily expanding to include a few treasured producers from other terroirs which we believe share our values, including Colline Della Stella, Castello Di Vicarello, and Marchese Adorno

Based in New York, the Franciacorta Imports Team is driven by the endless search for the World’s greatest niche wines grown sustainably on the best terroirs!